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Insurance claim myth busting

We've heard a lot of myths surrounding roofing insurance claims over the years, and we want to help our customers understand the facts. These are a couple of common myths we want to bust:

Myth 1: Anyone can install a roof since it is an easy DIY project.
Fact: The installation or replacement of a complete roof needs specialized knowledge; however, householders can perform minor repairs or maintenance activities. Roofing is a specialist skill that requires in-depth knowledge of materials, structural concerns, and safety procedures.

Myth 2: It doesn't matter which roofing material you choose because they are all the same.
Fact: The cost, energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics of roofing materials vary widely. When choosing the best roofing material, elements including climate, architectural design, and personal preferences are important considerations. To select the best choice, it is crucial to speak with experts.

Myth 3: Investing in roofing is expensive and offers little return.
Fact: A roof that has been erected and maintained appropriatelyoffers a number of advantages, including raised home value, higher energy effectiveness, and improved curb appeal. A good roof might help you save money over the long run by lowering your energy expenditures and perhaps even your insurance premiums.

Myth 4: Roofing companies are only required in cases of emergency or significant damage.
Fact: Although roofing emergencies may happen occasionally, annual maintenance and inspections are necessary to stave off possible issues. Regular communication with a reputable roofing firm aids in the early detection of small problems, enabling rapid repairs that can increase the lifespan of your roof.

Myth 5: You should just consider price when choosing a roofing contractor.
Fact: When choosing a roofing contractor, cost should not be the only consideration. Customers' feedback, licenses, insurance, reputation, experience, and high-quality work should also be considered.

be regarded. Choosing the least expensive choice could result in shoddy quality and future issues.

Myth 6: All damages or problems are covered by roofing warranties.
Fact: Roofing manufacturers and contractors frequently include particular terms and restrictions in their warranties. They might cover flaws in the materials or the workmanship, but not harm brought on by carelessness, extreme weather, or poor upkeep. Before relying only on the guarantee, it is essential to fully comprehend its terms.

Myth 7: Roofing projects take a long time to complete and cause disruptions to daily life.

Fact: Although significant roofing projects may sometimes disrupt normal operations, reputable contractors make every effort to do so. They produce quality work, frequently finishing tasks on schedule. Planning with the roofing firm and having open lines of communication can help.

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